Wikileaks EXPOSES The Truth Behind Foreign Donations To Clinton Foundation

Foreign donors have donated a quarter-billion dollars to prop up financial goals pursued by the Democrat seeking to peddle her influence from the White House.

The donations were revealed in leaked documents connected to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and private staffers associated with her family foundation.

It’s a bombshell of information Clinton and her supporters never wanted to be seen by the public.

As reported in Breitbart:

The massive WikiLeaks email dump uncovered a February 2015 email sent from Bill Clinton’s personal chief of staff Tina Flournoy, who informs, Hillary Clinton’s presidntial campaign chairman John Podesta that “all” donations from “foreign governements” were “in.”

“Foreign govt donors: all the money is in,” Flournoy wrote to Podesta in an email under the subject line, “endowment.”

The endowment Flournoy references is apparently the Clinton Foundation’s fund set up to help financially sustain the global charity, should Hillary Clinton win the White House in November.

Leaked information shows a trail of lies Clinton perpetrated against the White House.

Flournoy’s email to Podesta coincided with news reports about the origin of the Clinton Foundation’s quarter billion dollar endowment — but proceeded the widespread scrutiny of the Foundation’s acceptance of contributions from foreign countries with business before the U.S. government while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, as first reported in Clinton Cash.

What’s more, Flournoy’s “foreign government donors” email predates Clinton Cash’s proven revelations about how Hillary Clinton repeatedly broke her promise to the Obama administration that she would disclose all of the Clinton Foundation’s funding sources.

As Clinton lied, she made sure her endowment security exploded in value through foreign donations.

The endowment had grown rapidly after Hillary Clinton’s departure from State in February, 2013, according to Politico, from a mere $20 million to $250 million.

A key reason for the rapid growth of the Clinton Foundation’s $250 million endowment was the charity’s former chief development officer, Dennis Cheng.

After joining the Clinton Foundation in 2011, Cheng, according to the organization’s spokesman, “led our efforts to secure the Foundation’s future by raising a $248 million endowment.”

Many of the contributions that make up the Clinton Foundation’s $250 million endowment came from foreign governments. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Oman donations,” which range from $12 to $35 million, “went to the endowment drive.”

Cheng left the Clinton Foundation in 2015 to become the national finance director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Clinton is a master of deceit and demanding loyalty, always finding another job for her minions to protect herself and cloak them in another vail of secrecy and guard them closely form public scrutiny.

She is sickeningly adept at disguising her corrupt ambitions and actions as goodwill while funneling influence and money into her political efforts. Clinton has damaged US politics beyond repair with her corruption and lies now exposed before the American people.

Each day reveals more of Clinton’s immoral deceit and corrupt actions. The people need to shut her down before she puts a “For Sale” sign on the White House lawn.

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