WIKILEAKS: What Bill Just Did Will Have Hillary’s Head Spinning

The master White House disaster has been prowling along the campaign trail looking for young women to keep him company on stage.

He’s already had an intern provide extra perks in the Oval Office while he held all the power, and a recent request had him seeking options with an international flare to escort him before the public.

The 42nd president of the US got his request for Latina accompaniment, but a first-lady doused any smoldering desires.

As reported in Heatstreet:

Former President Bill Clinton wanted to bag a “young Latina celeb” to be his partner on the campaign trail, according to emails published by WikiLeaks on Thursday.

The February 2016 email exchange between top Clinton aides included a discussion about Bill Clinton’s request for a “Latino surrogate to do events with him” in Nevada.

Ole’ Bill followed his old ways of requesting his salacious desires through surrogates.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, chimed in to say that the former president had suggested one of the Castro brothers, Joaquin and Julian, or a “young Latina celeb type.” America Ferrera of Ugly Betty fame was mentioned as a possibility.

Bill Clinton is close friends with Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire pedophile.

Here’s the email:

–email clip image–

Ole’ Bill just doesn’t have the secret magic he once commanded in the White House bedrooms, and his summons was met with a caveat.

Turns out Slick Willy got his request, but he had to share the stage with Hillary. Here is a photo of the whole Clinton family campaigning with America Ferrera and Eva Longoria in Nevada days after this email discussion occurred.

–photo of Clintons and Latinas–

With the immense number of revelations about the Clintons and their crooked, sordid and outright sick lifestyles and desires coming to light through leaked emails, one has to wonder what the hell they’re getting away with through phone calls and personal contacts that will never be revealed.

It’s like looking down at the tip of a slime-ball iceberg that rests within a sea of s***. And mainstream media is just swimming in the same sea, drinking it in like it was a tropical sweet drink. If only mainstream media could wipe the fog off their s***-filled goggles long enough to get their heads out of the Clintons’ asses, more of the Clintons’ sickening way of life would be revealed to the masses.

Unfortunately, the masses have their heads up mainstream media’s assess, so the s*** train just keeps rolling along.

We can only hope Republican Donald Trump can derail this out-of-control stinker steamer, and bury this wretched stench of Clintons once and for all.

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