WHOA: Hours Before The Debate, Clinton Camp Hit With This HUGE Accusation!

Those who have bitterly denounced Donald Trump for the lewd “Access Hollywood” language or for allegedly groping women, in some cases decades ago, seem fairly sanguine about Bill Clinton’s track record and not particularly troubled about how Hillary Clinton allegedly enabled it or smeared her husband’s accusers.

Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick have leveled accusations of sexual abuse  to various degrees against Bill Clinton.

Former Arkansas TV reporter Leslie Milwee (who was known then as Leslie Derrick) has now come forward to accuse Clinton of sexually assaulting her three times in 1980 in her employer’s small editing room.

At age 20, she became acquainted with the-then Arkansas governor while interviewing him on many occasions as part of her news job and he allegedly became enamored with her.

From Breitbart:

Millwee says she was thinking about coming out publicly around 1998, when the Monica Lewinsky scandal began to dominate the national conversation.  But at the time, she says she decided to remain quiet, in part fearing for her children after watching the way other Clinton sex accusers were treated by the Clintons and the news media. Three of Millwee’s friends told Breitbart News that she told them in the late 1990’s that Clinton sexually assaulted her while she was a reporter and that the future president allegedly knocked on her apartment door.

Watch Leslie Milwee’s interview with Aaron Klein of Breitbart News about her experiences with Bill Clinton:

As to why she never told her boss, a female news director, Milwee claimed that “I started to on several occasions—I just—I felt—I was ashamed, I was scared, I was mortified…even though I had the position I had, I was a very naïve young woman, and I just couldn’t bring myself to…”

She quit the job shortly thereafter to get away from the former president, according to the interview.

“An issue with fully verifying Millwee’s claims is that despite extensive searches, Breitbart News was unable to track down any of her alleged interviews with Clinton or the now defunct KLMN-TV’s general archives,” Breitbart added.

“Groups that advocate for women’s rights are lashing out at Donald Trump for allegations of groping women and bragging about sexual assaults. But some of those same groups did not think former President Clinton’s allegations of sexual misconduct nearly two decades ago were disqualifying in the same way,” the McClatchy news service observed.

Liberal New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd has said that “feminism sort of died” during the Clinton administration because feminists wanted to protect their progressive agenda above all else.

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