Trump Brings Up A Somber Point At The Debate. Hillary’s Reaction Is DISGUSTING!

An obnoxious, condescending candidate vying for the White House showed true disdain for homosexuals, even laughing at the thought of throwing them off rooftops to their death.

Such a sickening reaction to violent acts came from the Democratic nominee when pressed on her willingness to solicit donations from countries where gays are considered human perversions to be killed.

Hillary Clinton plans to keep all the money and human rights be damned.

See the debate clip here:

With social media taking Clinton to task, here’s how it was covered at Yes I’m Right:

The final debate between Presidential candidates took place, and it was truly a no holds barred political slugfest, with one person coming out the clear victor. It was also a platform in which Hillary Clinton could show the world how much she has given up on trying to look like she hasn’t completely rigged the system by buying and selling the interests of her puppet masters.

When Trump talks about Hillary’s failures leading to the formation of ISIS and that Hillary supports Muslim countries that make it a matter of public policy to throw gay people off rooftops, Hillary does one thing to show what she really thinks: she has a hearty laugh at the plight of gays being subject to a painful and fearful death at the hands of savages.

Here’s how others reacted:

Despite the pandering of Clinton’s state media propagandists covering the debate, people around the world were well of aware of Clinton’s crimes, lies and hate against people.

Hillary is obviously trying to push a “holier than thou” attitude throughout the debate but ends up looking like someone who forgot what a smile is supposed to look like because she hasn’t felt natural human emotions in years. She is a lying shrew, and I can’t wait to have America to wipe the floor with her on election day.

Hillary’s media minions launched an immediate attack against Republican candidate Donald Trump over trivial items, while pardoning Clinton and anointing her as victor. She skates while the media skewers the opposition.

Her laughing at killing gays and no media response afterward is a tell-tell sign that the election is flawed, plagued by fraud and Democratic influences designed to violently intimidate any opposition to their candidate. The American people should take heed and make sure Clinton walks away from election day nothing more than a dirty rag to be tossed in the trash.

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