University Announces An ABSURD PC Policy, Fox Reporter Responds In A HUGE Way!

For social justice warriors at the University of Florida, Halloween seems to be a “scary” time of year.

Apparently their safe spaces are in danger of being violated by costumes that reinforce negative racial, gender, cultural or religious stereotypes.

Last Monday, the university warned that “costumes can perpetuate negative stereotypes, causing harm and offense to groups of people.”

Against the backdrop, the school is offering 24/7 counseling for anyone who becomes stressed out about a particular kind of Halloween apparel. The school’s Bias Education and Response Team is also on alert to respond to any Halloween-related microaggressions.

“The University of Florida’s post comes days after Wisconsin-La Crosse hosted an event that attempted to educate students on not dressing like a racist. About 30 students showed up to the event, which was advertised with posters asking ‘Is Your Costume Racist?,’’ the New York Post reported.

Fox Business Network host Charles Payne weighed in on Twitter that the end game for this ongoing campus politically correct madness is 100 percent taxpayer-funded tuition.

Sports talk show host Clay Travis made a prank call to the University of Florida hotline about an offensive Halloween costume. Listen to it here.

Other Twitter users had their say:

The Heat Street website contacted the University of Florida about the Halloween advisory.

A university spokeswoman said the Division of Student Affairs does not offer guidelines to students for which costumes might be offensive, bias or appropriative. The advisory does not violate students’ right to free speech and free expression, said Janine Sikes, assistant vice president of media relations and university affairs. If the Bias Education and Response Team receives a report about an offensive Halloween costume, it reaches out to the person who complained, offering support and other services…

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