After James O’Keefe Drops A BOMBSHELL On Hillary, He Has THIS Done To Him!

James O’Keefe has produced lots of undercover videos though his Project Veritas organization that have violated the safe spaces of liberals. He was responsible in part for taking down the corrupt ACORN organization among many other hidden camera expositions.

Two videos from the conservative journalist this week seem to have upset the social justice warriors running Twitter. In one, a NYC Democratic elections commissioner talks about widespread voter fraud in the city. In the second, a Hillary Clinton staffer jokes that he would have grab a co-worker’s butt twice for the campaign to fire him.

Another operative separately seems to acquiesce in tossing out voter registrations that aren’t for Democrats. Watch below:

On Wednesday evening, Twitter suspended James O’Keefe’s account sometime after he tweeted that he had a new scoop coming about a U.S. senator.

In a new video released Thursday, O’Keefe infiltrated a Russ Feingold Silicon Valley fundraiser, during which the former Wisconsin Democratic senator, who is trying to get his job back, seems to take a middle ground on the Second Amendment, while acknowledging the possibility of one or more executive orders by a potential Clinton administration on gun control.

Separately in the footage, a Clinton supporter is more explicit about the Democrat nominee’s approach to firearms.

“Hillary wants to shut it down. If we can get guns away from everyone in this country, she’ll close the loopholes, she’ll get rid of assault weapons, she will get rid of being able to buy you know, unlimited bullets…”

Google, Facebook and Twitter have all been accused of suppressing information that reflects negatively on the Clinton presidential campaign. As its stock price declines, Twitter is up for sale but is having a difficult time finding a buyer., an alternative social network to Twitter which vows to protect free speech, is in the process of launching.

O’Keefe released a video demonstrating that his account is still locked.

“It is not clear why he was suspended. One possibility is that a slew of false complaints, potentially from fake ‘sock puppet’ accounts, could have triggered an automatic response,” Breitbart News explained. “Twitter previously banned Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos after he gave the new, all-female Ghostbusters film a negative review. Twitter cited racist tweets sent to Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones by other people, though the actress herself has used racist language on Twitter.”

h/t: Independent Journal Review

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