Trump Popularity Surging… And Liberal Media Can’t Help But Agree

The American people understandably may have poll fatigue, especially when many feel the data has been rigged, to use a familiar term, to artificially inflate Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump in the presidential contest.

Moreover, the news that the FBI is reopening its criminal investigation into the Hillary Clinton email server scandal perhaps renders all polling data up this point moot.

The Washington Post, aka Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ pro-Clinton propaganda blog, even had to admit that Hillary Clinton’s lead is shrinking, and this was before the bombshell FBI announcement, but nonetheless claims that 60 percent of the respondents still expect her to win.

Clinton holds a slight 48-44 percent edge over Trump among likely voters, with Libertarian Gary Johnson at 4 percent and Green Party nominee Jill Stein at 1 percent in the survey completed Sunday through Wednesday…Trump’s growth in support from 38 percent to 44 percent is fueled by shored-up support among Republican-leaning voting groups as well as a significant boost among political independents.

The Post is also clinging to the liberal fantasy that vote fraud is very rare, despite investigations that are open all the country.

The poll of about 1,000 likely voters has a three percent margin of error, which essentially means the two candidates could be nearly in a dead heat.

The Los Angeles Times daily tracking poll now shows Trump with about a two-point lead, while a Gravis Marketing survey indicates that a statistical tie exists between Trump and Clinton based on Gary Johnson supporters and independents breaking for the New York real estate mogul and first-time candidate.

National poll aggregator Real Clear Politics currently shows Clinton with pre-FBI five-point lead, but also just moved Pennsylvania in the toss-up category from the leans-Clinton column.

Although early voting has started in many states, the only poll that matters — as has been said once or twice — is on Election Day, November 8.

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