Trump Fans Let Clintons Have It At The Inauguration…Hillary Is HUMILIATED!

Americans have put up with one of the most vile, despised politicians in American history for three decades.

Even the mention of her name spurs people to anger.

Prior to the inaugural speech of President Donald Trump to succeed President Obama, thousands of people heard the announcement of dignitaries and their families. The cold, wet day suddenly turned heated as the crowd denounced a former first lady.

The announcement of Hillary Rodham Clinton was met with loud “boos” and a chant of “lock her up.”

Watch it here:

Clinton did everything she could to turn this country into her own, private money-making machine. She stepped on everyone she could to get what she wanted, when she wanted and how much she wanted.

Her legacy is that of a corrupt, failed candidate who lost the 2016 presidential election in the most stunning manner in history to the unlikeliest of candidates.

Political protocol will likely sway Trump from pursuing Clinton for her crimes.

It’s unfortunate, because locking her up would cement his legacy as the president who finished her political career forever.

Source: YouTube

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