Top Democrat WHINES About Treatment At Inauguration…Weakness Is REVEALED!

President Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States Friday and featured religious leaders from multiple faiths, ethnicities and genders. It included Democrats and Republicans. Yet one senator is calling on Trump to speak out about the lack of inclusion at the event.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, who spoke during Trump’s inauguration, claimed on CNN that he “heard catcalls” during his speech and that other people told him of “booing” as well. Rather than even considering that any such actions, if they are true, may be in protest to some of his political activities, he blasted people for doing so during a story he told about a Civil War hero from Rhode Island.

The clip aired on CNN included the introduction of Schumer’s speech where he listed many protected and minority groups. Schumer said he could not hear much, but that he was told about it later. Schumer said that any protest of his speech speaks “poorly of them, not of what I said.” He then added that he heard boos when he spoke of the “rule of law.”

That speech given with any other president or audience would’ve been cheered,” Schumer said, “It’s not controversial language to say ‘we’re all Americans’ [or to] reach out to others.”

Schumer then turned his attention to Trump, who he referred to as “President-elect.” He criticized Trump’s speech for not doing more to bring people together. Schumer concluded by saying that he hopes President Trump will “speak positively about being inclusive.”


Source: Fox News

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