Top Democrat CAUGHT Grandstanding On Immigration Order…Opportunism EXPOSED!

Democrats and liberals continue to be up in arms after President Trump’s controversial executive order establishing a temporary ban on the country’s refugee program targeting seven primarily Muslim countries that are known to support terrorism. They have taken to the airwaves, the steps of the United States Capitol and even to the airports to protest Trump’s actions.

Trump issued the executive order on Friday that places a temporary halt on refugees entering the United States with several exceptions. During this time, Trump has ordered officials at several national security organizations and departments to review the vetting process currently in place, to recommend a revised policy and to determine which countries do and do not provide the necessary information about potential refugees.

The president argued that such a move is necessary to ensure that the US has a compassionate refugee policy that simultaneously protects everyday Americans from the potential of terror.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Ma., was among the protestors at Logan Airport in Boston. She argued that Trump’s order is an attack on religious beliefs and that “we will not turn away children.” Her followers mirrored her statements as she spoke with a bullhorn in her hand. From Joe for America:

We will make our voices heard all around this world,” Warren yelled.

We will make our voices heard all around this world,” the protestors repeated.

We have all heard about this order that President Trump has given,” Warren said.

We have all heard about this order that President Trump has given,” the protesters repeated. This went on and on as the protestors simply mimicked whatever came out of Warren’s mouth.

Warren is spending a great deal of her time focusing on the interests of those outside of our country. As a senator, she should. But she should also focus on the interests of those she claims to serve. Recent poll numbers in her home state of Massachusetts reveal potential problems down the road if she does not start to work with other Senators, including Republicans, to get things done in Washington instead of yelling until the 2020 elections.

WBUR radio reported that many in her home state believe it is time for someone else to have their turn in Washington even though they may support her beliefs. For instance, “only 44 percent think Warren ‘deserves reelection.’ Forty-six percent think voters ought to ‘give someone else a chance.’”

To the contrary, Republican Gov. Charlie Baker has high approval ratings among both Republicans and Democrats. Perhaps Warren should take a closer look at what his going on at home rather than lobbying a group of protestors to simply mirror what she says.


Source: WBUR

Source: Joe for America

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