Obama SLAMS A Member Of The Press. They Fight Back In A HUGE Way!

From his bully pulpit, the president can dish it out, but he can’t take it when the media questions him.

For days, mainstream media has championed video clips of President Barack Obama snidely scolding Republican candidate Donald Trump for “whining” about press influence in the presidential election.

What mainstream media failed to show the public are the soundbites at the end of the presser which are now biting the POTUS in the butt across social media. Obama whined like no other, just like he has for years, when the press, well, pressed him.

Go to 57:15 of this video:

As reported in the Washington Examiner:

Reporters criticized President Obama on Tuesday after he scolded a Washington Post reporter at a White House press conference for shouting out a question.

At the end of a joint press conference Tuesday in the Rose Garden with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Obama addressed the refugee crisis taking place in parts of Europe, and the surge of immigrants into the U.S.

After Obama wrapped up his comments on it, Post reporter David Nakamura called out a question regarding Central American migrants flooding into the United States. Obama answered and then sarcastically thanked Nakamura for the question.

“But I appreciate you shouting out a question since I’m sure there are a lot of other colleagues of yours who would want to do the same,” Obama said before exiting the garden. “Thank you very much, everybody. Appreciate it.”

Media members, despite their overall degraded value, still stick together when attacked by arrogant politicians:

“In the Dept. of Whining, [Obama] is still doing it, too — after 8 years — when Nakamura asks legitimate question in Rose Garden,” said CNN’s Jeff Zeleny, referring to Obama having just made a comment about Republican Donald Trump “whining” over the election.

Los Angeles Times reporter Mike Memoli said, “For the record, no, Nakamura’s colleagues don’t begrudge his shouted question.”

Obama has a long-standing, whining relationship with the media.

It’s not the first time Obama has complained to a reporter for shouting out a question. In 2012, conservative reporter Neil Munro, then with the Daily Caller, called out to Obama regarding an announcement he was making about an executive action on Immigration.

“Excuse me, sir, but it’s not time for questions,” Obama said to Munro. “Not while I’m speaking.” He told Munro that “next time I’d prefer you’d let me finish my statement before you ask that question.”

Here’s video of Obama, schmoozing with the press then whining over a simple question, from the beginning of his presidency:

Obama needs to reflect on his own statements from when he attacked Trump on Tuesday.

“You start whining before the game is even over?” Obama said at a Rose Garden news conference. “If whenever things are going badly for you and you lose you start blaming somebody else — then you don’t have what it takes to be in this job.”

Obama, by his own definition, hasn’t had what it takes to be president from the start. It’s good to see him clarify those qualifications as his game winds down. He could of done us all a favor and disqualified himself before screwing up the country for eight years.

Will the mainstream media, as a whole, take up the mantle of press colleagues and flood media outlets with soundbites of Obama’s whining at the media?

Cue the crickets.

It would have been great if a journalist would have had the quick wit and courage to ask Obama a simple follow-up question:

“POTUS, was that whining over a question your best Trump impression, or was it a qualified endorsement of what’s to come?”

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