After ALL The Media Hammering, This Is Where Trump Stands. Not Too Shabby!

With the damaging “Access Hollywood” tape along with the constant media drumbeat of anti-Donald Trump alleged misbehavior, you would think that Hillary Clinton would be 50 points ahead, as she mentioned in a video about a month ago.

Trump and his surrogates, with good reason, have been scolding the globalist-oriented. propaganda-spewing media for trying to rig the election to put Clinton in the White House.

In a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, however, while Clinton supposedly enjoys a four-point lead over Trump, the poll has a four-point margin of error.

From the Washington Post:

Nearly 7 in 10 respondents believe Trump probably made unwanted sexual advances, and a majority say his apology for boasts about forcing himself on women on a hot-mic videotape was insincere. Nonetheless, the controversy appeared to have had only a minimal impact on his overall support. Overall, Clinton leads Trump by 47-43 percent among likely voters, a slight edge given the survey’s four-percentage-point error margin…In a two-way matchup [excluding Gary Johnson and Jill Stein], Clinton leads Trump by 50-46 percent among likely voters and by 50-44 percent among registered voters.

“The findings are somewhat better for Trump than other polls taken since the video, but if Clinton were to maintain such an advantage until Election Day, that could translate into a sizable electoral college majority,” the Post added.

The Real Clear Politics average gives Clinton a 5.5 percent national advantage. The Los Angeles Times poll has Trump ever so slightly ahead of Clinton. The presidency is won on a state-by-state basis via the Electoral College, however.

Commenting on the Post survey, the Never Trump, defeatist Hot Air website seems to suggest that Trump has barely lost ground because Trump “is hitting a floor,” and enthusiasm for his candidacy has waned.

No one knows what will happen on Election Day, plus or minus vote fraud, but recall that during the primary season, all the experts claimed that Donald Trump, who continues to get a massive turnout at his campaign rallies across the country, had a ceiling and couldn’t possibly win the nomination


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