In Endorsing Clinton, Obama Official BROKE THE LAW And Should Lose His Job!

The latest email release from WikiLeaks has already offered an astounding number of emails linking the Clinton campaign, the White House, the Justice Department, and mainstream media. Today we see yet another example of collusion between Clinton’s campaign and the executive branch.

This time it’s in the Labor Department.

Emails show that Labor Secretary Tom Perez used his government email account to work closely with Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta as he prepared to formally endorse Clinton’s candidacy for president.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, this is in direct violation of the Hatch Act which “prohibits public officials from engaging in partisan or political activity on government time. The law is specifically directed at the use of government email addresses and resources.”

In addition to emailing using government resources, the Washington Free Beacon also states that Perez “posted a personal blog post on the Department of Labor’s website that day.”

This is not the first time that Perez has misused email either. The Washington Free Beacon also states that, “The house oversight committee revealed in 2013 that Perez used his personal email account to conduct government business in violation of federal record keeping laws. Perez admitted to 34 individual violations.”

What Perez did could cost him his position.

Reports from the US intelligence community have suggested that the Russian government may be behind the latest email leaks in an attempt to influence this year’s presidential election. Both the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee have used this information to suggest that the focus should be on Russian involvement in our election rather than on the misuse of government and private resources to benefit Clinton and her friends.




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