Pelosi CAUGHT On Hot Mic…What She Says REVEALS Everything About The Democrats!

Liberal politicians love to claim they only want peace, love and tolerance. Their words are more hollow each time they screw up in public and say what they really mean.

What they say and do can’t be hidden or dismissed as easily as it was the past eight years. Emboldened by a liberal president who protected like-minded leftists, politicians in his shadow said what they wanted with little accountability.

Liberal influence is flailing as today’s leftist politicians are exposed through candid observations made by supporters and media not in the mainstream. Some of these leftists are so ignorant to how technology works it’s almost as if they plan to get caught doing something anti-American.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was caught on a hot mic Monday night pushing a controversial religion to fire up the crowd, reported LifeZette. She was coaching one of her congressional colleagues to remind everyone he is a Muslim.

In the video, listeners hear Rep. Andre Carson introduce himself, saying, “Greetings from the great state of Indiana.”

Right after this, one can hear Pelosi saying in the background, “Tell them you’re a Muslim. Tell them you’re a Muslim.”

Only after this reminder does Carson inform the crowd that he is indeed a Muslim.

Watch her baiting her cohort:

Like the well-trained leftist he is, Carson quickly baits the crowd as if Pelosi pulled a puppet string to pop open his mouth.

It all makes people wonder why anyone supports this woman who obviously will use anything or any group of people to support her liberal bias.

She’ll entice a crowd with something she believes will serve her in future sound bites where she has more control. If only she would bite her own tongue and save the world the pain of listening to her ilk.

Source: LifeZette

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