Open Border Celebs Who Backed Hillary Are Now Ruing The Day…They’re FURIOUS!

Location, location, location.

Those are three magical words for success in real estate, unless your multi-million lakeside Italian villa is suddenly surrounded by tattered tents of Muslim immigrants.

A member of the Hollywood elite now gets to lounge next door to thousands of immigrants eyeing his cherry digs. George Clooney is an outspoken supporter of liberal government policies and now he’s dealing with immigrants flooding the area around his Italian property.

Lake Como has long been a destination favored by the powerful and wealthy, many of whom are attracted by its stunning lakeside villas built in Roman times.

With the recent influx of thousands of immigrants into Clooney’s quiet, romantic “getaway” town of Lake Como, Italy, he might still be thinking – “too close for comfort.

Clooney supported failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with lavish fundraisers, and Clooney’s wife, Amal Alamuddin, is an attorney and active human rights activist. They support liberal ideals of globalization and unfettered immigration through open borders.

They now get to live in that very environment, although their villa is much cozier than the sea of tents encroaching on their idyllic Lake Como view. The local Catholic diocese reported 2,000 migrants in temporary facilities and “there is no room.”

“I do not know how much longer we can bear the brunt of this mass of people who would like to cross the border but who are not willing to leave Como,” said Roberto Bernasconi, from a local Catholic charity.

Many of the thousands of illegal immigrants are coming to Italy from Africa and Europe. They’re camping out until they can afford to pay “smugglers” to head north.

These same immigrants are sleeping on the streets, in the parks and overrunning the community. Locals are not happy and are protesting, especially against plans to set up camps with tattered tents on the boundaries of Lake Como.

The situation in Italy is a precursor of what is to come in America if liberals have their way. Clooney, who believes Clinton is a “responsible, smart person” and called President-elect Donald Trump a “xenophobic fascist,” wants immigration even if it means losing jobs, resources, and the character of our own nation, according to Joe For America.

Clooney is rumored to be a possible poster boy for liberals to run in the 2020 presidential election.

He’s worked the political scene during the abysmal Clinton campaign, he praises dangerous immigration policies and he runs in the human rights circle now because of his wife. He may soon even provide a photo opportunity with immigrants if he opens his high-priced villa to those in need there.

He might want to be careful what he wishes for, lest he ends up hosting the immigrants when they overrun the White House.

Source: Joe For America

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