Obama Turns His Back On Israel…But Netanyahu Gets The Last Laugh!

Relations between the United States and Israel have held strong through decades of political tensions, wars and terror. American presidents have always backed Israel and worked to maintain peace in the Middle East.

Eight years ago a political up-and-comer surprised the world by winning the White House and becoming the first African American president. His presidency held promise of peace and unity. He had even traveled to the ever-dangerous Middle East to don a yarmulke and pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

It was a sign US-Israeli relations would continue.

That all ended earlier this week when President Barack Obama destroyed decades of support for Israel as an ally when he stabbed the Jewish state in the back. It was a cowardly act by a lame-duck president, vengeful as he coasts out of office.

Israeli leadership hasn’t taken the Obama attack sitting down, reports Fox News Insider, and struck back with statements that have caused a public outcry.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the Obama administration’s recent decision to abstain during a United Nations vote condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, in a Facebook post that went viral.

Netanyahu posted a picture of then-Sen. Obama (D-Ill.) visiting Jerusalem’s holy Western Wall site on a trip to the Jewish State, and wrote that eight years later his administration failed to stop the UN from considering that place “occupied territory.”

“Seriously?” Netanyahu wrote on Facebook after comparing the two events.


Israel claims the UN attack was spawned by Obama directly and that they have proof of Obama’s deceit.

Netanyahu’s spokesman told Sandra Smith earlier this week that he has proof of “deep collusion” between the Obama administration and the parties who created the resolution.

The Egyptians also reportedly had involvement in the resolution’s drafting.

Also on Wednesday, Netanyahu criticized Secretary of State John Kerry and praised President-elect Donald Trump on the issue of Israel’s claim to the disputed areas.

Watch the coverage here:

Obama continues to showcase his lies and cowardice as he burns every bridge he can before leaving office.

Trump and team shouldn’t be surprised if the White House is trashed and the rose garden is picked clean and dug up.

Oh, wait. That was the Clintons. Ehh, tomato, tomahtoe.

Source: Fox News

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