Obama Stressed One Key Thing At His Farewell Address…It Backfired Big Time!

Throughout the race to elect President Obama, he promised everyone he would usher in a new world of hope, peace and equality for everyone. His elegant words describing his promises captivated millions of people.

Americans across the country believed in his great oratory and set in motion eight years of promises and claims that never happened. For almost a decade, Obama failed to deliver and made sure he took no responsibility while continuing to promote himself as above reproach.

The great hope became the great hype. His self-serving, slick speeches in his final days have proven nothing more than a one-man show of contempt for others and love of himself. He’s posted online plenty of photos showing himself while cutting out the people he pledged to serve.

All his self-serving intent came to light before and during his farewell speech earlier this week in Chicago.

In the hours leading up to Obama’s farewell address, the White House promoted the speech with a number of quotations from the president himself, as noted by Independent Journal Review.

Although they weren’t identical, they were all variations on the same theme: “The last eight years haven’t been about President Barack Obama, they have been about the American people.”

But a brief history of Obama’s presidency – in pictures posted to his own social media accounts – appears to tell a different story. As momentous occasions passed, America noticed a common theme: nearly every theme was acknowledged with a picture of the president.

Obama proudly promoted himself with a nod to the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor:

He then strutted his techno prowess:

The Fourth of July was about his family:

He was solemn in the posed pic remembering the 57th anniversary of the day Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat:

Thousands of Americans died on 9/11 and his tribute to them was – wait for it – a photo that featured himself, front and center:

The only time Obama is all about the American people is when the photo opportunity features him, and he’ll make sure to talk about all his success in any speech he gives.

Obama’s giving is all about him, not the people he pledged to serve.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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