Obama Has Another Betrayal In His Path…The Worst One For Him Yet!

As the weakest president in foreign relations history and his lackeys head out the door, they’re spouting off some “tough” talk to US adversaries.

White House mouthpieces have chided anyone talking tough about foreign entities wanting to damage the US. Everyone had to walk hand-in-hand with the White House words of wisdom or be condemned as stupid.

But as we all know, stupid is as stupid does. This White House does stupid very well.

Now, in the last hours before leaving the White House, Democrat poster-boy Joe Biden decided he wanted to throw a flower at the most dangerous US enemy on the planet. When he speaks, stupid follows. From Twitchy:

With literally only hours left as VP, Joe Biden has offered this parting reminder about Russia:

Chief executive in charge of stupid forgot that just four years ago Obama, Biden and Democrats were dancing to a different Russian goose-step remix:

Take heart, Biden sort of, kind of admitted their hypocrisy:

Just wasn’t enough in the waning hours of the failed presidency to make up for four years of lies:

Stupid is as stupid does, and this White House is full of stupid politicians.

Russia has always been a deadly threat. It’s how our leaders handle the Bear that counts.

This administration failed to keep the Bear in its own territory. Now, a new administration must figure out how to contain Russia without setting off a world war.

Somebody give Biden a participation medal, stupid doesn’t count toward awards.

Source: Twitchy

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