New Trump Ad DESTROYS Hillary. ‘The Ad Shows Images Of Clinton…

The gloves were definitely off at Sunday’s presidential debate. And the punches are continuing to be thrown around the country. Donald Trump has released a new campaign ad sure to heat up the debate even further.

According to The Daily Caller, “The ad shows images of Clinton coughing, being helped up some stairs and famously fainting during this year’s Sept. 11 memorial event.” The new ad will be aired throughout the country but especially in battleground states.

The ad begins with a narrator highlighting the challenges that the next president will face including Islamic Terrorism and ISIS throughout Iran, North Korea, Libya and North Africa. The ad questions Hillary’s physical ability to remain strong in the face of such challenges.

“Clinton doesn’t have the fortitude, the strength, or stamina to lead in our world,” the ad says, also asserting Clinton failed as secretary of state and that she will fail the country again if elected President.

The new Trump ad plays on the commentary that many conservative pundits have discussed but which has been largely absent from mainstream media sources. This includes speculation that there may be a more significant health issue that Clinton is facing but that she has refused to declare. Evidence for this includes the many coughing fits she’s had at speaking engagements for the past several weeks (one of which is shown on the ad), a photo of Clinton needing support on each side of her to help her go up a short flight of stairs, and the infamous fainting spell at this year’s 9/11 memorial event.

The ad includes video of Clinton fainting as she was being helped into a car by several staff members. Clinton and her team later said that she had been suffering from pneumonia.

We need a strong president, one who can lead us as we face the challenge of Islamic extremism. We need a president with the emotional, cognitive and physical strength to fulfill all the duties of president. This new ad definitely calls into question Clinton’s fitness for duty especially her physical health.

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