WHOA: MSNBC Host Drops MAJOR Truth Bomb On Hillary … She WON’T Like This!

One of mainstream media’s most left-leaning journalists is calling out Hillary Clinton to shut down her family’s private money-making foundation.

The Clinton Foundation has been the center of controversy for the Democratic presidential nominee. It has been linked to donations from countries with human rights violations and has now been shown to funnel money straight to her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Such a controversy would have toppled any other candidate in any other election, but mainstream media has propped up Clinton’s campaign throughout the election cycle.

Calling for the shutdown may appear to be intended for the good of the people, but the journalist making the call is actually expecting Clinton to win and wants to protect her politically going forward.

As reported by Breitbart:

Thursday on WGN Radio, while discussing the latest WikiLeaks, which exposed former president Bill Clinton’s aggressive lobbying for large speaking fees from donors to the Clinton Foundation, NBC’s “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd said the Clinton Foundation needs to be shut down if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is elected president in November.

Todd said, “Look let me go to bottom line, there is no way, under any circumstance, the Clinton Foundation should be operating if she becomes president. I just don’t see how they can keep that going. I just don’t.”

Todd almost sounded like he cared about the American people, but he kept flapping his gums.

He added, “She’s got an opportunity, again, if she doesn’t do half measures here, if they shut it down to at least make this — to at least limit the political damage.”

It doesn’t matter to this left-wing propagandist that the Clinton’s have raked in millions of dollars from countries who kill women and gays. It doesn’t matter to Todd that Bill Clinton has made – personally – millions of dollars from these same foreign governments and their billionaires by selling his influence.

All those reasons, and many more along corruption lines, should be more than enough to call for shutting down the Clinton money machine.

What mattered to Todd was that, if elected, Hillary Clinton should shut down the foundation to mitigate further political damage. Tod and the Clintons know there’s more dark, dirty secrets connected to the Foundation and the Clintons’ money sources, and he doesn’t want that coming out to further  damage her if she becomes president.

Todd needs to know the damage has been done, and cannot be reversed. WikiLeaks has exposed enough to date that the Clintons will never fully recover from the public knowing how corrupt they are. If elected president, Hillary Clinton could easily hide more of her corrupt skeletons while she surely creates more, but her family corruption will now be covered repeatedly for decades.

Her gaining the White House won’t be a free ticket to white-wash her past, her legacy of corruption. She’ll have dirt, and blood, on her hands throughout the annals of history.

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