Mainstream Media’s Bias EXPOSED! … Backs What Trumps Been Charging ALL ALONG!

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s warnings about a rigged election come in two forms: the overt-the-top attacks on his character orchestrated by the Clinton machine and its mainstream media lapdogs and rampant voter fraud at America’s polling venues.

In several interviews this week, Melania Trump also called out the media for its devious coordination with the Clinton campaign in the attacks on her husband.

CNN, in particular, has been airing a brazen 24-7, anti-Trump push for months now, but is hardly the only news outlet spewing pro-Hillary Clinton propaganda.

Voter fraud was brought forward this week in some explosive hidden-camera videos made by James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas crew, which like the WikiLeaks revelations, the media is trying its best to ignore.

“Morning Joe” Scarborough, who is Trump frenemy, called out the news media Thursday morning on his MSNBC show for its pretend outrage over the New York real estate mogul’s unwillingness to commit to automatically accepting the election results in advance.

During Wednesday night’s third and final presidential debate, those same  journalists in the media center displayed their typical objectivity, which was shared on social media by  Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters of “Watters World” fame.

From the Gateway Pundit:

Reporters covering the presidential debate in Las Vegas Wednesday night between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton were cheering Clinton and groaning at Trump during the debate according to a report by Fox News’ Jesse Watters posted to Twitter…Last year, the pro-Hillary media cheered when Bernie Sanders at a debate with Clinton demanded the press stop covering Clinton’s email scandal.

Reacting to a report from the Center for Public Integrity that journalists coughed up 96 percent of their political donations to Hillary Clinton,  Investor’s Business Daily commented that “There’s nothing particularly wrong journalists pushing an ideological viewpoint, so long as they make it clear to readers and viewers what they are doing. The problem is that the mainstream press keeps pretending to be nonpartisan when they are, in fact, little more than a PR shop for Democrats. In business, this is called false advertising, and it happens to be illegal.”

As a practical matter, moreover, how can reporters who cover the corruption, pettiness, and inefficiency of big government on a daily basis still believe so fervently in big government?



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