Lost SNL Skit Exposes The Truth About ’08 Bank Bailout

Although he has guest-hosted the show, Saturday Night Live has been pretty rough on Donald Trump, and most Republicans generally.

Alec Baldwin is now playing Trump in SNL skits to mixed reviews, including from Trump himself.

Although usually a liberal-friendly venue, back in 2008, current Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and company became pretty alarmed about a skit the SNL crew did about the subprime mortgage bailout which among other things portrayed billionaire leftist George Soros as a profiting from the crisis.

This is yet another revelation contained in the Podesta WikiLeaks hacked emails.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Saturday Night Live sent senior staff at the Center for American Progress into a panic after a skit that criticized one of its top donors and a member of its board for their bank’s role in the 2008 housing collapse, hacked emails show. The 2008 SNL sketch, which parodied a press conference by President George Bush, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), and House Financial Services chairman Barney Frank (D., Mass.), implied that the late CAP board member Marion Sandler and her husband Herb Sandler had made billions from the collapse…In a series of emails following the sketch, dismayed CAP staffers, including its then-president John Podesta, concocted conspiracy theories about who might be behind the skit and discussed ways to enlist elected officials to push back on its portrayal of CAP donors.

Podesta purportedly theorized that a “right-wing” SNL writer (as if there is such a thing) might be responsible.

While mocking George W. Bush in the spoof, SNL did a brilliant job of pushing back against the liberal narrative about the crisis, which perhaps explains why NBC has pulled it from its archives and from YouTube. Fortunately, it is available elsewhere on the web:

[NOTE to EDITOR: code for video won’t save although I can see it in preview mode before saving. Code can be found here:]

Parenthetically, although it’s all speculation, had Sen. John McCain been willing think outside the business-as-usual Beltway box and announce his opposition to the bailout in support of the American  taxpayer, he might have been elected president over Barack Obama.

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