This Rapper DOESN’T Bash Police. Here’s The INSPIRING Reason Why…

It seems that we turn on the news these days and almost weekly hear stories about African-Americans being killed by police or police being targeted for simply serving the public.

But the news today is different.

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., better known as rapper Lil Wayne, has come out publicly praising a white officer who saved his life when he was 12. It started with a controversial statement Carter made about racism.

Carter said that he’d “never dealt with racism.” At least one reason for this according to Carter is that he has many white fans who regularly attend his concerts.

“I thought that was clearly a message that there was no such thing as racism,” Carter said in an interview on the Fox Sports 1 show “Undisputed” last month.

The social media backlash aimed at Carter has been intense, so Carter attempted to elaborate.

From Right Wing News:

“Carter was just 12 years old when he by chance shot himself in the chest…he didn’t go into detail. He was lying on the floor when police busted through his door, walking right over him as they looked for guns and drugs. The cops who did the stepping over were ‘blacker than me,’ Carter said, but the one cop who stopped to check on the young Carter was ‘white as snow.’”

The officer was Robert Hoobler of New Orleans. He is credited with saving Carter’s life by driving him to the hospital.  Carter went on to say that Hoobler, known around the neighborhood as ‘Uncle Bob,” not only took him to the hospital, but he yelled at the other officers for not helping and then stayed with Carter at the hospital until he knew the boy would be okay.

What a refreshing story to hear. In today’s society with so much attention being paid to police officers (both African-American and Caucasian) who have killed African-Americans in the line of duty, it’s so nice to hear of the positive impact that at least one police officer has had on the life of one young African-American male.




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