This Debate Photo That Has EVERYBODY Talking! … The Message Is PERFECT!

In a pre-Halloween effort to combat millions of dead people voting in this year’s presidential election, it appears the Founding Fathers have sent a message to the people from the other side.

Their timely message was noticed during the third and final debate Wednesday night. Both candidates stood at podiums in front of a large printout of the Declaration of Independence. The message appeared to pop off the canvas and shout to the world the truth of the Democrats’ intentions.

Take heed wisdom from the past. Check it out:

People reacted in kind:

As reported on Breitbart:

A Twitter user from GQ Magazine pointed out that the letters behind Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Wednesday’s debate between Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spelled out “rig it,” The Hill reported.

The letters behind Clinton and Trump were actually taken from the text of the Declaration of Independence, but the letters were obscured by Clinton’s head.

Trump may now appear the wiser seer more than ever, having trumpeted this message throughout the campaign.

Trump has repeatedly stated that he is in the midst of a “rigged” election, telling supporters that the election is “rigged” against him.

“Remember, we are competing in a rigged election,” he told supporters in Wisconsin on Monday.

Trump’s insight, and unwillingness to bow to conventional political expectations – much like the Founding Fathers – challenged the debate moderator’s demands to concede a loss if he should suffer such fate.
When moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump whether he would accept the results of this election, Trump responded, “I will look at it.” He added, “I’ll keep you in suspense.”

Trump appeared the most presidential at the last debate, honoring US history of presidents and various leaders who have acted defiantly against conventional thought, stood strong in their positions and told the opposition on more than one occasion to go to hell.

That Trump’s own words were brought to light on the debate stage from words written by the most defiant leaders in all US history is foretelling. Current leaders and mainstream media have bastardized, and Clinton monopolized, the election process of this country – manipulating and even forcing voters to submit to their will.

Concession? Trump will lead America, by the people and for the people.

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