BOOM: Kellyanne Drops MAJOR Truth Bomb On Trump’s Haters…Dems Shaking In Their Boots!

Democrats are running full-steam ahead to torpedo the United States government from operating as it should.

Democrats have failed for years with their lies about unifying the country when all they do is deceive and delay any sensible attempt to get Congress moving forward. Democrats don’t want unity. All they desire is total control and oppression of any who oppose their radical, leftist agenda.

They plan to stall votes on President Donald Trump’s cabinet indefinitely. Trump’s team is lashing out for the Democrats’ failure to get the government moving again. From Mediaite:

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway continued her attacks on Democratic politicians’ protests against the  Trump travel ban order, saying on Fox News’ MediaBuzz Sunday that they should go consider Trump’s nominations instead.

Conway denounced the Democratic effort to delay Jeff Sessions’ confirmation as attorney general, saying they only wanted to “humiliate and embarrass” the Alabama Senator.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.

“As we sit here right now we have a record number of unconfirmed nominees to a presidential cabinet: eleven, including Treasury and Commerce,” she noted.

“The Democrats want to go on the record, they have time to go and cry and weep at the airport protesting something that they’ve completely bastardized as to what it is and what its intent and what its effect is, this immigration order,” she complained.

“And yet they don’t have time to give a fair hearing, an up-or-down vote on these nominees?” Conway asked. “You want to vote against, vote against. But at least give people a hearing and the decency of a vote.”

Conway and Republicans should be all over Democrats for their deceit and delays.

Americans put up with eight years of Democrats ramming liberal nonsense down their throats. These liberal elitists need to step off their arrogant high horses and free the president and his administration to complete the goals the nation wants.

Democrats are only hurting themselves with these ongoing political antics, and most of all Democrats are hurting the nation.

Watch Conway blast Democrats here:

Source: Mediaite

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