Julian Assange Drops Hard Truth About The Election…Hillary Is Furious!

Liberals around the world were stunned when their pre-selected queen of the United States lost the presidential election to a real estate mogul with wicked modern media skills.

Since the historical loss, liberals and Democrats have loudly cried that the election is not valid and their candidate should have won. Leftists have spit out every excuse they can imagine from federal law enforcement interference to media favoritism to electoral college misrepresentation to the current excuse of Russian computer hacking.

All the leftist excuses have proved false, and tonight a vocal media pundit fighting liberals is set to expose the reality about Russian interference in the election. According to Fox News, Russians had little effect on the election while leaked emails from Democrats exposed the dark truths behind their candidate.

Fox News Channel plans to air an exclusive interview with Sean Hannity and the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, who said Russia was not the source for the DNC and John Podesta hacks.

Fox posted a preview of the exchange:

HANNITY: Can you say to the American people, unequivocally, that you did not get this information about the DNC, John Podesta’s emails, can you tell the American people 1,000 percent that you did not get it from Russia or anybody associated with Russia?

JULIAN ASSANGE: Yes. We can say, we have said, repeatedly that over the last two months that our source is not the Russian government and it is not a state party.

Here’s more of what’s to come:

ASSANGE: Our publications had wide uptake by the American people, they’re all true. But that’s not the allegation that’s being presented by the Obama White House. So, why such a dramatic response? Well, the reason is obvious. They’re trying to delegitimize the Trump administration as it goes into the White House. They are trying to say that President-elect Trump is not a legitimate President…

ASSANGE: Our source is not a state party, so the answer for our interactions is no. But if we look at our most recent statement from the US government, which is on the 29th of December, OK, we had five different branches of government, Treasury, DHS, FBI, White House presenting their accusations to underpin Obama’s throwing out 29 Russian diplomats. What was missing from all of those statements? The word WikiLeaks. It’s very strange.

Liberals must come to an understanding that their presidential candidate was flawed and the current president is doing everything to protect her. He has elicited federal law enforcement, who are under his thumb for a few more days, to support liberal claims of undue influence by Russians on the election.

Reality dictates negative influence followed the exposure of Democrats’ collusion with mainstream media and outright attempts to undermine the US election process.

Democrats ran an arrogant, corrupt campaign that assumed their candidate would win no matter what was revealed.

Assange may yet reveal more that Democrats don’t want exposed.

Source: Real Clear Politics

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