BOOM – Judge Drops Massive BOMBSHELL On Electoral College…Hillary Is FURIOUS!

Rogue Electoral College voters were shut down by a federal judge after they tried to upend requirements they vote as their state requires.

Liberal losers are trying various ways to destabilize what voters determined is the direction of the country following the presidential election.

From unwarranted vote recounts in key states to faithless electors, it’s the new liberal legal attack to disrupt the US election process.

Federal judge Wiley Daniel ruled Monday that it’s entirely a political stunt to overturn the results of this particular election.

Daniel rejected an attempt by two Colorado electors to unbind their votes in the Electoral College. The electors requested a preliminary injunction to nullify a state law requiring presidential electors to vote for the winner of the state’s popular vote.

The judge decided it was simply a political ploy to impede President-elect Donald Trump’s path to the White House.

The “Hamilton Electors,” as they’ve been dubbed, say they’re not quite done. They will appeal Daniel’s ruling in an attempt to get a judicial precedent that will free all members of the Electoral College to vote for whomever they please.

Colorado voted for Hillary Clinton, not Trump, so these electors aren’t taking anything away from the one who won the Electoral College vote on Election Night.

Only one Trump elector has publicly stated he plans to become a “faithless elector” Dec. 19. Politico reports that the GOP has an active whip operation to keep track of the status of its other electors. An RNC source sees no evidence of any other faithless electors on the horizon:

The state Republican parties in the states that went for Trump are heavily invested in this process. It’s a matter of personal pride for a state party chairman and a state party to ensure that all the electors that their people elected vote, and vote in the manner in which they’re supposed to.

Expectations are both parties will lose a few electors upon the final vote.

Until then Republicans must stay vigilante to thwart attempts by Democrats and other liberals to undermine the US election process that has stood for hundreds of years. The leftists have exposed themselves as anti-American radicals willing to do anything to hurt the country.

Loser liberals should keep their loose lips shut before their leaking ship sinks.

h/t: Hot Air

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