John Kerry Turns His Back On Israel…We Have The PROOF, Americans Are Furious!

The fallout from Monday’s United Nations resolution condemning Israel for their continued settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem continues.

Almost immediately, the Israeli government blasted the United States for abstaining from the resolution vote rather than vetoing it.

They soon announced that they had substantial and credible proof that the US helped to craft and support the resolution.

Secretary of State John Kerry fought back, stating that Israel was threatening the possibility of a two-state peace option in the region and denying any US involvement in the resolution.

The Daily Caller now claims that a “leaked document puts Kerry at the head of [the] UN snub of Israel.

Kerry, along with White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice, reportedly told the Palestinians Dec. 12 that they wouldn’t veto the resolution as long as its wording was balanced,” according to a leaked transcript.

The transcript was reportedly composed by the Palestinian delegation. However, the State Department “denies the existence of such a document.” When asked about the leak, Chief Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat called the transcripts “fabrications.”

The document further claims Kerry and Rice advised the Palestinians not to make any provocative moves in the UN after President-elect Donald Trump takes office, calling him ‘dangerous.’”

If accurate, the leaked document supports the assertions made earlier this week by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the “Obama administration initiated [the resolution], stood behind it, coordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed.”

The Israeli leader has repeatedly said that he will present his evidence to President-elect Donald Trump in January and it will be up to the new president to decide if it will be made public.


Source: The Daily Caller


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