James O’Keefe Issues HUGE Challenge To Americans. The Media WON’T Like It!

A scathing undercover video series exposing a Democratic network of inciting violence has exploded across social media, and the creator is calling out mainstream media to disclose the explicit report to the masses.

The first in the video series was released Monday by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action (PVA). The first installment lived up to O’Keefe’s claims of exposing “the dark, back-room dealings” of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Clinton’s connections to coordinated, radically violent operations designed to damage GOP candidates are graphic, disturbing, and destructive to the American election system.

O’Keefe is challenging mainstream media to follow true to its Fourth Estate responsibility and mass-release Clinton’s dark campaign operations of “bird-dogging.” Bird-dogging is the term coined by Clinton operatives for their political campaign platform to plant agitators at events and incite an atmosphere of violence and anarchy throughout the country.

It’s a sick and twisted revelation of the depraved depths Democrats will sink to destroy America.

O’Keefe released the video installment at noon EST Monday, and it went viral on social media.

Watch O’Keefe’s challenge to mainstream media here:

The first video in the series swamped social media, and continues to gain momentum.

Actually, according to the editors at Breitbart, it’s the most heavily trafficked story they’ve ever had, and hasn’t even been on Drudge yet. We’re getting 50 tweets a second on my (Twitter) timeline. It’s blown up in the grass roots.

O’Keefe questions the intent and character of mainstream media he expects to reveal the DNC and Clinton campaign wretched tactics.

But let me tell you something, some sources told me that media corporations are black-listing this story because they’re publicly traded companies and they’re afraid of being retaliated (against) and being investigated by Hillary Clinton’s Department of Justice.

The conservative journalist is calling on the prowess of social media followers to take to task mainstream media in moving the story into a broader public arena.

So, here’s what I need you to do. I need you to tweet this video at the anchors at places like Fox News which is one of the corporations.

He asked social media to tweet @BretBaier, @MegynKelly, @OReillyFactor, @SeanHannity, and other network anchors or reporters.

Tweet this video at them with the hashtag Veritas or Bird-dogging. Let’s get these organizations, these media companies to overcome their fear and report the truth, because this is big. This is probably the biggest thing we’ve ever done.

As promised, O’Keefe plans to release more video condemning Democrats and Clinton.

We have another one coming tomorrow (Tuesday), and we need a ground-swell of people to break their (media) dam, to push the water over the dam. This important, please. Twitter these people with the hashtag @VeritasBirddogging.

Watch the first video on The Conservative Republic:

O’Keefe’s video has already set Democrats and Clinton on their heels, and mainstream media is twisting in the wind, agonizing over how it got schooled by online media.

The video series that may well impact the election more than WikiLeaks email releases has begun, and America should be watching every minute. The nation’s future is in the balance.

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