James Carville Admits STUNNING Truth About The Polls… Something MUST Be Done!

One Democrat is acknowledging that there will be fraud in this year’s presidential election. It’s normal, he says, and shrugged it off to business as usual.

GOP candidate Donald Trump has warned of potential fraud leading into the Nov. 8 election, and championed his stance at the third and final debate Wednesday night. He was met with immediate attacks from Democrats and mainstream media.

After the debate, Trump’s warnings were acknowledged by a long-time surrogate for Democrat Hillary Clinton. He says fraud is inevitable this election.

James Carville is one Democrat who tends to tell it like it is. There will be fraud, and Democrats will likely benefit.

As reported by Breitbart:

Late Wednesday following the third and final presidential debate, long-time Clinton confidant and Democratic strategist James Carville reacted to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Trump allies suggesting there is the possibility that this election could be “rigged.”

Watch the video clip here.

Carville pushed the issue back at Trump, saying such claims are a losing mentality.

“[O]nce you lose an election, you become diminished,” Carville said. “Right now, he is saying he is going to win. He looks like a real strong guy. If he loses this thing like I suspect is going to happen, he is not going to look good on election night. He’s not going to look strong. It is going to be presented as a massive rejection of Trump and Trumpism. Will he be able to conduct some kind of guerilla operation and take some people and do some new something? That’s possible. But, I think the scope of this thing that’s possible. Is going to be such that whether he accepts the verdict or not, people will. Some of the hardcore people with him probably won’t.”

Despite trying to throw it all back at Trump, Carville admitted fraud is a factor this election cycle.

“On the question of will there be fraud in the election?” he continued. “Look, there’s going to be between 130 and 140 million people vote. Well, of course, there is going to be some fraud. You couldn’t have 130 million, 140 million people do something perfectly. And the other point, he has no support in his political party for his position. I mean literally, every Republican officeholder, every Republican official, everybody says, no, we can’t do that, even Republican commentators. I think we can overblow his ability to take a large swath of voters with him and not accept the legitimacy of this election. I think we have to look to see the way it is going to feel on November 10 after the election is over. And I think it will be quite a bit different than tonight.”

It’s a given that there are millions of dead people around the country whose names are on voter rolls and being used to cast ballots.

Since it’s a known fact there will be fraud during the election, why hasn’t anyone done anything about it over the years? The main reason is that Democrats couldn’t win an election if there weren’t any outside influences nationally or locally padding votes from them against the will of the majority.

The American election system is based on integrity required of honorable people. Democrats have proven throughout this presidential election that they don’t give a damn about integrity, laws or being honorable. They’ll do anything they can to seize power from the people who don’t want to become serfs of the state.

What Democrats have going for them is they have convinced too many people in this country that being a serf entitled by the government is better than being free. A Clinton win ensures serfdom in America.

Trump supporter need to break the voting booths with their overwhelming number of votes to keep America free.

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