Our Immigration Problem Just Got A Whole Lot Worse Because Of This…

The Obama administration is seemingly so blinded by its open-borders ideology that it is willing to put Americans at risk for some kind of social experiment.

As illegal aliens stream across the southern border from Central America and other countries, according to one Border Patrol agent, officers under orders from Washington bureaucrats have been turned into “glorified Walmart greeters” under Obama’s catch-and-release policy, and most of those detained no-show their immigration hearings after being let go.

Overall deportations have slowed to a trickle under Obama pursuant to its so-called prosecutorial discretion policy.

In the meantime, convicted criminal aliens are allowed to roam the country freely, often committing additional violent acts.

From Breitbart:

Roughly 180,000 foreign criminals with court-approved removal orders are still living in the United States because President Barack Obama’s administration is not trying to send them home, says a new Senate report. Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions hit the administration Wednesday for allowing other countries to treat the United States as a holding ground for their migrant criminals. Agencies working for Obama have allowed almost 1 million illegal immigrants to remain in the country, even though they have been approved by judges for deportation. That number includes 182,761 illegal aliens who have been convicted of crimes inside the United States.

To make matter worse, the US refuses to use its considerable leverage to force countries to take back foreign felons who have completed their sentences in U.S. jails.

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has vowed to push for amnesty for illegal aliens in her first 100 days in office as well substantially increase the number of unvetted Syrian refugees coming into the country despite the social disruption that has caused all over Europe.

Republican nominee Donald Trump has prioritized the deportation of illegal alien felons immediately upon taking office as well as building a wall at the US-Mexican border and shutting down the Syrian influx until better screening systems are in place. Trump rallies have regularly given a voice to grieving families who tragically have lost a loved one to an illegal alien criminal.

Unlike many of his colleagues on Capitol Hill, immigration enforcement expert Sen. Sessions is a strong supporter of the Donald Trump candidacy.


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