Illegal Immigrant ATTACKS Trump…Gets DESTROYED By Fox News Host! OUCH!

Liberals are encouraging illegal aliens to pour into the United States and telling the criminals they can live in cities with all the benefits without fear of consequences.

Anyone who disagrees with the leftist upending of US law is painted as a bigot, racist or anti-American. Mainstream media pounds the liberal ideology at Americans every day, 24 hours a day. Americans have no relief from the constant assault on their freedoms, liberties and safety.

Illegal immigrants, liberals say, deserve more than dastardly Americans who have caused more harm than good.

Criminal illegal aliens are so emboldened they are telling America it’s the fault of the United States that illegals are here, and citizens need to get their facts straight while accepting the foreign residents of America.

Straight-shooting Fox News host Tucker Carlson challenged Jose Antonio Vargas, a vocal illegal alien who openly brags about his illegal status. The braggart journalist, illegally here from the Philippines since age 12, regularly attacks President Donald Trump’s attempts to reform the immigration system.

“Do you think I came to this country so you can beat me up and call me illegal and criminal on national television?” Vargas asked on Tucker Carlson Tonight this week.

“Because ‘being here illegally’ or being here without documentation or authorization is a civil offense, not criminal,” Vargas said angrily. “Almost half of the people who are here illegally actually came legally and overstayed their visa. Right? They aren’t crossing the Mexican border.”

Vargas obviously missed his own point that he’s in the US against US laws. He defended his tirade and complained about US policies of the past from slavery to foreign relations with countries who have high immigration populations in the US.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Carlson asked. “You’re not answering my question. Which is, if a country has a right to determine who is here and under what circumstances. What are you arguing about? If you’re agreeing that a country has a right to determine who has a right to be here, what is the argument?

If you’re here illegally, we have a right to tell you to leave. What am I missing?

Vargas never provided a direct answer, defaulting to liberal jargon about past wrongs committed by the US and how Americans must ask “harder questions.”

The self-admitted, illegal alien is a poster boy for liberal jackasses who continue to assail Americans for the world’s plight for which citizens here are not responsible.

Americans, by long-established laws, have every right to question immigrants’ status and get them to leave the country at will – no matter the circumstances of any illegal alien’s arrival.

Watch Carlson tear into Vargas:

Source:  Real Clear Politics

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