BOOM: Chris Wallace STRIKES Again! … DESTROYS Hillary Aide For Hypocrisy!

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has repeatedly refused to answer questions about the latest revelations from leaked WikiLeaks emails.

When pressed to answer questions, Clinton consistently responds with assertions that the Russian government is behind the leaked emails without addressing the issues they raise.

Now her campaign manager is weighing in.

On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace interviewed Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook. Wallace asked Mook to comment on the revelations from the leaked WikiLeaks emails, but Mook refused instead focusing on the fact that the emails were stolen, purportedly by the Russians. But Wallace didn’t leave it there. Pressing on, Wallace pointed out that Mook didn’t express similar outrage over Donald Trump’s stolen tax documents.

“Can I speak to that?” asked Wallace. “You know, the Trump tax returns were stolen as well when they were mailed to the New York Times. You guys didn’t object to that, in fact, you jumped all over them.” Mook responded with the ridiculous notion that we don’t know if Trump’s tax returns were stolen.

Wallace continued:

I guess that’s what I’m saying, if we’re looking at the fruits of that theft – and I will call it a theft – it’s fair to look at the fruits of your theft.

Once again, Mook tried to veer off topic and discuss where the emails came from instead of the content they contain.

Watch here:

Wallace also questioned Mook on the contents of one specific email chain that illustrates another pay-for-play scheme between access to Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. A personal meeting with Hillary Clinton or her family purportedly cost the King of Morocco a $12 million donation to the Clinton Foundation.

Mook didn’t deny the validity of the emails. Instead, he said that he believed “this is the discussion the Russians want us to be having.”

As Wallace said as the interview ended, if these emails weren’t valid and true, then the Clinton campaign would be quick to dismiss them. But they’re not. Instead, Clinton is simply refusing to answer questions about them and then having her staff deflect questions and make accusations.

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