Hillary Is SMILING In Public, But LOOK What Happens When You Protect Her!

The dark face of two-faced Hillary Clinton has broken through the façade of her public shell, so much so she’s had trouble getting good security.

Her reputation as an abuser has extended even to her security detail – the very people charged with keeping her lying, crooked butt alive. This all shows just how power hungry she is, and who she will stomp on to get her way.

As reported in Right Wing News:

It’s shocking that Hillary would ever mistreat the little people, isn’t it? We know she hates the phrase “everyday Americans”, because she most certainly hates everyday Americans. We know she mistreated the Secret Service when Bill was President, and that the White House staff lived in fear of her. She attempted to destroy the women who credibly accused her husband of sexual misconduct and rape. She mistreated the parents of those killed in Benghazi to their faces, and has called them liars. There are also lots of unvetted allegations, like supposedly wanting to ban military uniforms in the White House, to go with her constant hatred for the little people.

And there’s this from The Daily Caller:

Department of State security officers found then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton so unpleasant they refused to work on her security detail, a former agent claims in newly-released FBI documents.

The FBI Monday released 100 pages of documents relating to its investigation of Clinton’s private email server. The documents incorporate summaries of several interviews the FBI conducted, including one with a woman who served as an agent with the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) during Clinton’s time as secretary of state.

Clinton was just a sick person to work for, and agents wanted out.

During her interview, the agent said Clinton treated agents rudely and with contempt, and was so unpleasant that senior agents typically avoided being on her security detail.

“[Redacted] explained that CLINTON’s treatment of DS agents on her protective detail was so contemptuous that many of them sought reassignment or employment elsewhere,” the interview summary says. “Prior to CLINTON’s tenure, being an agent on the Secretary of State’s protective detail was seen as an honor and privilege reserved for senior agents. However, by the end of CLINTON’s tenure, it was staffed largely with new agents because it was difficult to find senior agents willing to work for her.”

Hillary did whatever she wanted, when she wanted and with whom she wanted, throwing protocol and rules out the window. If people aren’t padding her pockets, they aren’t worth her time.

We also learn that Hillary usually broke diplomatic protocol, snubbing ambassadors to ride with her (Muslim brotherhood) aide Huma Abedin. This embarrassed them, and also made security more difficult. Hillary just doesn’t seem to like people, even her own supporters. Remember when she told her supporter to get to the back of the line? Apparently, that woman didn’t have the cash to donate to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s personal slush fund, so didn’t deserve proper treatment from Hillary. Maybe if security had donated, Hillary might have been nice.

Everything being revealed about Clinton is painting a clear picture of the heartless, power hungry witch that is Hillary. Only one thing can satiate her blinding thirst for power – destroy anyone in her path and gain the White House.

From there she will unleash her decades of planning to undermine the very foundations of America. Every tidbit released about her character, her actions should give Americans clear insight into Clinton’s dark soul.

She’s gunning for citizens, and everything they are is in danger of being destroyed. Reality for the citizenry is they can’t get another country like a security detail can change jobs, and everyday Americans can’t buy their way out of Clinton’s destructive path.

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