Hillary Is Disliked Among Many… Including Her Very Own High School!

Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report is headlining that Hillary Clinton has lost eight points in the polls in four days as rival Donald Trump appears to be surging in the presidential contest. Moreover, many pro-Trump analysts argue that Clinton was never as far ahead as the polling data has suggested and that polling firms are now trying to adjust their data to salvage what little credibility they have let.

Poll aggregator Real Clear Politics currently shows Clinton with a five percent national edge.

Trump himself has been blasting the dishonest media for trying to rig the election, which includes crowing about Clinton-friendly polls to discourage Trump fans.

All this polling volatility or perceived volatility is occurring as Trump barnstorms across the US with massive turnout at his rallies, while in comparison, hardly anyone shows up to see Clinton/Kaine in their relatively few public events.

For what it’s worth, Hillary Clinton also underperformed in her own high school, where the students kind of, sort of, chose her as most likely to succeed.

From The Daily Caller:

Democrat Hillary Clinton has won the mock presidential election held at her high school alma mater but she failed to clear the 50-percent hurdle among all ballots cast. Clinton won the school-wide election at Maine South High School in Park Ridge, Illinois — ‘a wonderful place’ — by receiving 49 percent of the total student vote, according to the Chicago Tribune. Donald Trump, Clinton’s Republican opponent, received just 40 percent of the vote at Maine South High.

Clinton, a 1965 graduate there, received 770 votes vs. Trump’s 629. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the Libertarian and Green, respectively, had double-digit support, which overperforms current projections.

Interestingly, the same group of students chose incumbent Illinois U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, the Republican, over Democrat Congresswoman and challenger Tammy Duckworth, even though conventional wisdom holds that Duckworth is headed to victory.

“This was the first year that Maine South’s mock election was opened to all students, not just seniors enrolled in government classes, said social science teacher Sherri Scorza,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

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