Harry Reid Caught COLLUDING With Hillary & NYT! … Made THREATENING Remarks!

WikiLeaks documents have repeatedly illustrated over the last few weeks just how frequently the campaign of Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton has used their cozy relationship with the media to spin stories their way and to make sure they get asked the questions they want and are prepared for.

Now another WikiLeaks email shows how Clinton and another top Democrat used the media not just to spin a story, but to directly attack someone in their way.

“The Clinton campaign coordinated with Nevada Sen. Harry Reid to use The New York Times to smear the State Department’s deputy inspector general as State’s internal watchdog was investigating Clinton aide Huma Abedin,” The Daily Caller reported.

The emails reveal that Brian Fallon, Clinton’s campaign press secretary, sent a message to a former White House official who has also helped the campaign at times.

Emilia DiSanto was serving at the State Department’s office of inspector general (OIG). Reid’s communications director, Adam Jentleson, put forth the notion that DiSanto may be leaking information about the investigation to Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa.

The November 2015 email reads, “After hitting a wall with other outlets, NYT will do a story about DiSanto. Adam Jentleson in reid’s office is giving a statement saying the connection is troubling and raises questions. Could pop this weekend.”

Sure enough, the Times reported a few days later accusing DiSanto of leaking information to Grassley as he led an investigation into Abedin’s special status that allowed her to work both in the State Department and with Clinton. She responded in the article that, “Any claim that I have communicated with Senator Grassley about State Department nominations is an outright lie.” Sen. Grassley also vehemently denied that DiSanto was his source even citing two democratic leaders who also knew of his true source.

As if that weren’t damning enough, The Daily Caller noted that the same Times reporter, Maggie Haberman, had also been used in the past to “tee up” stories for Clinton when she was at Politico. “We have had her tee up stories for us before and have never been disappointed before,” emails show.

A good reporter should be seeking out news stories, those meaningful to the public. Haberman appears to have served as a PR staff member for Clinton instead. How can anyone still say that journalistic integrity still exists when we see evidence such as this that it doesn’t?

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