See Chris Wallace GRILLING Hillary On Corruption … Left SHAKING In Her Boots!

Despite its designation as a charity, Clinton Foundation critics have argued that it is actually a money laundering scheme to which foreign government and multinational corporations made huge donations in exchange for favors from the US government while Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was US secretary of state.

The so-called nonprofit organization also provides a cozy sinecure for Clinton operatives in between elections.

To his great credit, and unlike most of the other liberal debate moderators that the Republican Party idiotically allows to preside over these forums in every election cycle and who give Democrats a pass, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace actually questioned Hillary Clinton about the corruption allegations during the third and final nationally televised presidential debate on Wednesday night in Las Vegas.

Wallace pointed out that Clinton Foundation donors and appeared to benefit from special treatment, including lucrative government contracts, which is known as pay to play, and wondered if that violated her promise to Congress to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Clinton dodged by responding with a partially pre-packaged answer that “everything” she did as secretary of state furthered the country’s interest and boasted that the Clinton Foundation was a “world-renowned charity” particularly in connection with combating AIDS.

Wallace tried to get Clinton to address the pay-for-play allegations specifically when Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump jumped in and described the foundation as a criminal enterprise and also scolded Clinton for taking millions from Middle Eastern dictatorships that oppress gays and women. He called up Clinton to give back that money and also rebuked her for mishandling Haiti disaster relief.

For some strange reason, Clinton laughed when Trump talked about gays being murdered in those countries because of their sexual orientation.

She also claimed that 90 percent of the money that the Clinton Foundation rakes in gets spent on programs for the needy. According to “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer,  only about six percent of the money goes to charitable endeavors, however.

h/t: The Daily Caller

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