Reporter Makes SHOCKING Move To EXPOSE Her Bias! … Makes Hillary Proud! -WOW

Amid allegations from Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump and his staff of media bias, we have an unbelievable example caught on video.

Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton held a press conference on her campaign plane following Wednesday night’s final presidential debate.

As the press conference began, Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill can be seen on video writing something on his cell phone. He then shows the phone to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. Mitchell nods and a few moments later asks Clinton a ridiculously easy question.

“How did you feel when he said, ‘nasty woman, nasty woman,’ and ‘you’re a puppet?’” Mitchell asked.

Watch it here:

This is hardly the type of substantive question we would hope to hear from a veteran reporter following one of the most contentious debate seasons in modern history. Clinton responded with her repeated accusations that the Russian government is behind the recent email leaks and the cyber-attack that plagued the Democratic National Committee over the summer.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Mitchell has helped Clinton throughout the campaign season. “She said Thursday there was no evidence that Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile gave a question to the Clinton campaign in March, despite a leaked email showing Brazile doing so.”

In this latest example of extreme media bias and the apparent media wing of the Democratic Party, Andrea Mitchell has denied that any in appropriate behavior. The Daily Caller asked both Mitchell and Merrill to answer questions about the video.

“I was on live and couldn’t see in the crush of the gaggle – but no way would anyone try to give me a question,” Mitchell responded.

If that’s true, then why is Mitchell seen nodding after Merrill’s instruction to look at the phone? And why won’t Mitchell or Merrill say what was really going on if it really was on the up-and-up?

Recent WikiLeaks emails have repeatedly shown the link between the mainstream media and the Clinton camp. This is clearly another example of the media being willingly used to prop up the candidate they support.


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