Hillary’s Adviser Admits The WORST About Speeches! … Clinton Camp Goes INSANE!

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton consistently attacks Republicans for their close ties to Wall Street. But Clinton herself has closer ties than she’d like to admit.

Her aides appear to think so, too.

Emails released by WikiLeaks include discussions between Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and others about Clinton’s 2013 speech to Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs for which she was paid $675,000. Clinton’s presidential campaign opponents, including Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., have long called for her to release transcripts of those speeches.

The transcripts of this speech and others were included in some of Podesta’s leaked emails. After reviewing the speeches herself, Clinton adviser Mandy Grunwald wrote in one of the emails.

“It’s pretty bad. She is critical to some extent of what led to the crash but the more memorable stuff is totally accommodationist,” Grunwald wrote.

She continued:

There are also some very tepid comments about Obamacare. And a ton of foreign policy stuff, including some naïve sounding comments about Putin — that could cause a whole separate set of issues — but Jake should review all that.

Grunwald was likely referring to Jake Sullivan, Clinton’s chief national security and foreign policy adviser.

In the transcripts, Clinton takes stances contrary to those she and her Democratic allies typically profess. She specifically avoids blaming Wall Street for the 2008 crash. She also points out some benefits of fracking, a stance in complete opposition to all of her public statements heretofore. Other leaked speeches are equally revealing with Clinton discussing her dreams of open borders and open trade and even expressing concern that terrorists could enter the country posing as refugees.

Critics of WikiLeaks, including the Clinton campaign and leaders of the Democratic Party, have attempted to deflect attention from the content of the emails to the source, asserting that they originated from Russian hackers. They have done little to address the issues contained in the emails themselves.

It is concerning any time a foreign government attempts to influence our elections. No one is claiming that it isn’t or that any Russian influence should not be investigated and dealt with. But it’s also concerning when we see the corruption, the lies, and the deception that has become apparent in the WikiLeaks emails.

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