Hillary Told Us To Fact Check… She’s Not Gonna Like What We Found

In each of the three presidential debates, Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton repeatedly prompted voters to check her facts and to visit her website. Political junkies and news media alike are doing just that. And we’re learning that Clinton has not been as honest as she claims to be.

The Proud Conservative identified several lies that stand out strong. First, Clinton claimed that Planned Parenthood “provides cancer screenings.” The truth…they don’t do any cancer screenings themselves. But they do provide referrals to sources for mammograms and other providers who can do more advance cancer detection procedures.

“I support the Second Amendment” – Her own spokesman said that Clinton believes the Supreme Court decision in the case of the District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) was “wrongly decided.” The Heller decisions emphasized an individual’s right to own a handgun. That’s the most basic element of the Second Amendment. How can someone claim to support the Second Amendment and not support the rights of an individual to own a gun?

Her proposals “will not add a penny to the debt” – “The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget predicts that under Clinton’s policies, the debt would increase by $9 trillion over a decade.” Perhaps she’s right. It won’t add a penny. It will add trillions of pennies.

“[Obama] has cut the deficit by two-thirds” – Breitbart contradicted this one calling it “pure fiction” that was created by taking spending done during the beginning of Obama’s first year and attaching it to numbers from President Bush’s final year. When that is taken into account, Obama has actually doubled the national debt.

“We at the Clinton Foundation spend ninety percent – ninety percent – of all the money that is donated on behalf of programs of people around the world and in our own country.”  Shockingly, the Proud Conservative lays out an argument that 94% of actual donations go towards marketing, management, travel, and other overhead expenses.

Even Clinton ally NBC News couldn’t say she was honest. At best, they said she was partly true. Not surprisingly, out of 36 facts NBC did check, only 7 of those were statements made by Clinton. Salon even called one of her statements a lie when she “suggested WikiLeaks is a front of Russia.”

Secretary Clinton asks voters to check her facts, and many of her facts are wrong!

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