What Happened To Tim Kaine Is EMBARRASSING! … Clinton Camp Is WORRIED!

Something doesn’t add up with this election. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gets a massive turnout to each of his rallies, while the Clinton/Kaine ticket struggles to get anyone (other than its media lapdogs) to show up, yet Hillary Clinton is supposedly en route to winning the election.

Gateway Pundit has been following the attendance figures closely and as of Sunday, more than a half a million voters more voters have shown up to see the New York real estate mogul and first-time candidate in person. These figures don’t take into account the thousands who have been turned away from Trump events because a particular venue was already full to capacity.

Trump averages more than 6,000 at his events while Hillary averages less than 1,000. Because Trump has many more events than Hillary, he averages getting in front of more than 6,700 per day compared to Hillary’s 380 per day in this time period.  Because Trump has worked much harder he has 53 more events than Hillary, which has resulted in Trump having more than a half a million (530,000) more participants at his events than Hillary.

Hillary has taken 57 days off without participating in campaign rallies since July. She is either sick or her campaign thinks she’ll do better if she doesn’t get in front of people or her campaign doesn’t want to show the abysmal lack of interest in her and her events.

In a Florida rally on Tuesday in the Orlando area, Trump fans reportedly started queuing up more than 12 hours before the scheduled start of the event. Trump also drew an incredible 20,000 to a Tampa rally on Monday.

Unlike his counterpart Tim Kaine, Trump’s vice presidential running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence also gets a good turnout at his events.

But only about 30-50 people showed up to see Kaine in densely populated West Palm Beach.

Covering the Trump campaign in Florida, Fox News reporter John Roberts articulated what a lot of people must be thinking.

“By looking at the crowd that you see out there, you have to wonder: How could he possibly be behind?” Roberts said.


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