What Happened To Julian Assange Is An OUTRAGE! ‘The American Liberal Press…

The media loves whistle-blowers, until they don’t.

The globalist, Trump-hating media has tried to bury or deflect away from the many damaging WikiLeaks revelations about Team Clinton, and one self-discrediting CNN anchor even went so far as to falsely claim that reading the leaked emails is an illegal act.

While the powers that be were thrilled with the leaked “Access Hollywood” Trump tape that prompted around-the-clock media coverage, they now apparently have sought to shut down WikiLeaks.

The organization led by founder Julian Assange announced on Twitter early Monday morning that an unnamed “state party” has disconnected Assange’s Internet access, although that apparently won’t stop the ongoing release of Podesta emails or other Clinton-related revelations.

Julian Assange is unable to make personal appearances. He has been under what amounts to a self-imposed house arrested since about August 2012.

From Breitbart/AP:

Assange has been up holed up at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London for more than four years after skipping bail to avoid being extradited over sex crimes allegations. The cramped quarters haven’t prevented the Australian transparency activist from working and WikiLeaks continues to deliver scoops, including revelations that have rattled Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president as the U.S. election enters its final stretch.

“The ninth release of Podesta emails occurred on Sunday, bringing the total number of leaked files to over 12,000…The batch also comes amid revelations of Clinton’s cozy relationship with the mainstream media, and how they work closely to control the media landscape and set up stories that show her in a favorable light,” the Kremlin-controlled RT news agency explained.

Although no fan of Donald Trump, Assange said in August that “The American liberal press, in falling over themselves to defend Hillary Clinton, are erecting a demon that is going to put nooses around everyone’s necks as soon as she wins the election, which is almost certainly what she’s going to do.”

Assange has also claimed that Google is actively working with the Hillary Clinton election campaign to help get her elected by manipulating search results.

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