A Group Did Analysis On Media Campaign Donations. Here’s What They Found…

Conservatives throughout the country already know what has now been proven in a recent study, that the mainstream media are sharply favoring Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Center for Public Integrity recently conducted an analysis of campaign donations entitled “Buying of the President 2016: Journalists shower Hillary Clinton with campaign cash.” The analysis revealed that approximately 96 percent of all campaign donations from the media were donated to Clinton’s campaign.

The monetary difference is staggering, with $382,000 of media money donated to Clinton’s campaign and only $14,000 donated to Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign. Data for the analysis comes from federal campaign finance filings. The actual dollar amounts could be much higher, but reporting is not required for donors giving less than $200.

Tradition holds that reporters are supposed to be neutral, to report both sides of a story and let the viewers or readers come to their own conclusions. But that standard for journalism appears to have been demolished in recent years and is completely gone in this year’s presidential election season as even the perception of impartiality is practically non-existent.

The Center’s website notes several Clinton donors, also prominent reporters, who routinely take to the airways to trash Trump including Pulitzer Prize winners Emily Nussbaum and Carole Simpson, the first female African American presidential debate moderator.

Most large news networks have policies in place regarding which employees may or may not contribute to political candidates. But these policies vary from network to network.

Employees at Reuters are allowed to contribute political donations as long as it doesn’t infringe on their professional integrity. Fox Sports encourages personnel to become involved in the political process as long as it is done legally. The Associated Press forbids all political donations.

The Center’s analysis of donations and media influence in this year’s presidential campaign is supported by the recent email release from WikiLeaks. Breitbart reports that, “Emails hacked from the campaign chairman John Podesta show media personalities aiding Clinton and her campaign by secretly passing her debate questions, ‘teeing up’ problematic stories for them, volunteering as informal advisors and more.”

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