Giuliani Drops Truth Bomb On Obama About Russia…Barack Is Not Happy!

Silly Obama, retaliation is for real presidents, not lame ducks.

The president continues his end-of-life in the White House temper tantrum with every action he takes. President Obama won’t savor his eight years of elitist leadership and tries to leave more rubble in his wake upon leaving office.

Russia is the latest target of Obama’s ire as he blames Russia for stopping Hillary Clinton from continuing his legacy of liberalism. The president sorely admonished the US adversary last week and gave them what amounts to a good finger-wagging.

Such a display of force by Obama was “almost silly,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said on “Fox and Friends.” Giuliani contended that the new sanctions on Russia, announced late last week by Obama, are a hapless display with just a few weeks to go in his presidency.

Giuliani said Obama “completely double-crossed” Israel last week and the new moves against Russia will take leverage away from President-elect Donald Trump’s administration.  

It’s not only too little, too late. It’s almost silly the way he did it.

Watch Giuliani here:

Obama’s late-term actions are something Giuliani said he’s never seen a sitting US president enact while more problems for his successor.

Giuliani argued Obama had 18 months to go after Russia for suspected cyberattacks, but failed to act. He chided Obama for laughing off Mitt Romney in 2012 when the then-presidential candidate warned about Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

He suggested the Trump administration perform new intelligence assessments on Russia, arguing that intelligence has been “flawed” and “politicized” under President Obama. 

“I recommend on day one that he get his intelligence people together and gather all the information independently and then make a decision,” said Giuliani.

Obama has revealed his true intentions as he prepares to leave office. He has made every effort to exercise his presidential powers beyond what is acceptable and has create a whirlwind of problems for Trump.

Instead of respecting the office he holds, Obama has continued to abuse powers for personal legacy and future gain for himself and his liberal cronies.

He can’t leave soon enough.

Source: Fox News Fox News

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