Home Depot Co-Founder Has A STRONG Message For Never Trumpers. ‘This Country Is…

While Republican leaders in Congress are jumping ship and taking their support of Donald Trump with them in the wake of last week’s hot-mike release, at least one business owner is vowing to stand strong with Trump.

Co-founder and former CEO of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus, believes the leaked, albeit offensive material shouldn’t matter.

“This country is not in good shape – 75% of the people agree that it’s not in good shape – and we see this calamity that is happening overseas with ISIS, all over the Middle East…and we are talking about what he said 11 years ago?,” Marcus said.

The former Home Depot executive was especially critical of Republicans including House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., for appearing to concede defeat in November, though he said he didn’t support Trump during the primary season.

“I’m supporting him because I cannot envision Hillary Clinton in the White House and cannot support what she’s going to do to the economy,” he said.

Marcus’ comments are at the heart of what many conservatives are dealing with right now. Some seem fully capable of overlooking Trump’s past indiscretions, believing that he has changed and that he offers a new, positive outlook for American’s future. Others can’t see past his past and vow not to support him. But there’s only one alternative to the latter and that’s support for Hillary Clinton. And many conservatives can’t bring themselves to do that either. So how will those anti-Trump conservatives vote in November? That’s the $64,000 question.

Watch the video on Business Insider.


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