Geraldo Tries To Downplay Hillary Clinton Dirty Tricks – Judge Jeanine Isn’t Having It

James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas crew released several bombshell hidden-camera videos this week that purport to show Democrat operatives bragging about massive vote fraud as well as inciting violence at Trump rallies. The former has received about three million YouTube hits so far, while the latter is now over five million, so the viral footage is having an impact.

Following the release of the O’Keefe videos, the Public Interest Legal Foundation filed a complaint against the Clinton campaign with the Federal Election Commission as has the O’Keefe group.

As far as the allegation of violent “bird-dogging” at Donald Trump rallies by Democrats, loyal Trump supporter and no-nonsense Judge Jeanine Pirro says enough evidence exists to throw the book at them at the local level as she debated Geraldo Rivera on Fox & Friends.

First of all, you and I know that Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department would be there in three seconds if it were reversed, if they’re were Democrats who were being…victimized according them. But you know what—people can say ‘where’s the FBI, where’s the Justice Department, it’s a violation of civil rights and all that,’ but you know what, as a former prosecutor, I would put a criminal case together without the FBI, without the Justice Department, because they’re clearly the most politicized Justice Department in the history of this country…whether it’s tied to the White House or not is for the feds…I can indict the. Don’t wait for the feds; they ain’t coming.

When Geraldo claimed that it was a stretch to conclude that a crime had been committed and moreover that the Project Veritas tapes came too late to affect the election outcome, Pirro who is also a former district attorney fired back that it’s is not about politics.

I’m talking about crime, I’m talking about justice in this country. I’m talking about people who decide…that what they’re going to do is incite riots and incite violence. That is against the law in the United States of America…I could indict them in three seconds

Former “Celebrity Apprentice” runner-up Geraldo perhaps forgot that the “Access Hollywood” leak came late in the election but has had a profound impact, at least in media precincts.

“Rivera said he still questions that the ‘braggadocio’ seen on the tape could be made into a specific criminal charge by a prosecutor,” Fox News Insider noted.

Judge Jeanine also defended Trump for his Al Smith Dinner quip that Hillary Clinton (or her campaign team) hates Catholics because that’s what the WikiLeaks hack purports to show. Rivera even acknowledged that liberal New York City bias was on display in the audience reaction to Trump’s speech at the charity event.

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