Former Miss Universe Manager Delivers Ultimate Blow To Fake Media Hit Piece On Trump! [VIDEO]

Despite what you may gather watching the mainstream media, not every woman who meets Donald Trump considers him so horribly. Quite a few women are sharing their positive interactions with the Republican presidential nominee.

Right Wing News is reporting today about a former Miss Universe manager’s experience with Trump. She said she is aware of the recent hot-mike video release as well as accusations of other women, but she’s refraining from making any judgements until she sees proof of actual offences.

The woman reportedly met Trump personally only one time, but she interacted closely with the contestants. She expressed her belief that if something inappropriate had happened between a contestant and Trump, that the contestant would have approached her to complain. No one ever did. She said, “Trump was always a gentleman.” She claims to have worked with thousands of women and their families throughout her career and that she never heard any accusations about Trump until those recently released in the media.

Right Wing News notes that most of the women who have come forward with allegations against Trump claim those events occurred decades ago. No doubt Trump’s comments were offensive and outrageous to most Americans. And if he did assault women, he should face consequences for that. But so should Bill Clinton for his assaults on women. And so should Hillary Clinton for harassing and intimidating those same women.


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