Clinton Ally COLLUDED With Top FBI Official … Trump Answered In A HUGE Way!

There’s a shocking new revelation today that illustrates the corruption of Washington politics beyond belief. Long-time friend and political ally Terry McAuliffe crossed the line on this one.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who has close ties with the Clintons, donated close to $500,000 to the campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe as she ran for state Senate in 2015.

The state Democratic Party donated approximately $200,000 more. At first look it’s not a big deal as politicians routinely help to elect more people in their own party. The problem is with the blatant conflict of interest and hints of outright corruption this donation brings.

Dr. McCabe is married to Andrew McCabe, the man now serving as second in command at the FBI. He supervised the FBI investigation into the illegal private server and email used by Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The donation to his wife’s campaign occurred before he rose to his current position and before the email investigation.

It also occurred just as the email scandal was first breaking in the news. The FBI has denied any influence that the campaign donation may have had on the investigation headed by McCabe, but the appearance of impropriety and obvious conflict of interest is appalling. McCabe should have recused himself from the Clinton case. But he didn’t.

McAuliffe is currently under FBI investigation himself, accused of making donations on behalf a Chinese national. Today’s story only fuels the fire that McAuliffe will funnel donations to the right people to get things done for his friends.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump weighed in on the issue at a campaign event Monday in Florida.

“It’s absolutely disgraceful. It’s absolutely terrible. And it’s unbelievable how Hillary Clinton got away with the email lie, the email scam, the email corruption. But now at least we have a pretty good idea” said Trump, clearly implying that McAulliffe’s donations to Dr. McCabe were paid back by her husband during the FBI investigation into Clinton’s email in yet another pay-to-play scheme.

Watch it here:

With the FBI’s decision earlier this year not to pursue any further criminal investigations against Clinton despite her failure to turn over key documents, devices, and lies, it appears that McAuliffe’s tactics were successful.


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