Donald Trump Just Made The BEST Call Ever…Americans Are LOVING This!

As a candidate, President Donald Trump frequently touted his low-cost campaign. He highlighted how little he spent compared to his opponents both in the primaries and the general election. This was done in large part due to the efforts of many volunteers throughout the country in small and large towns. One volunteer received a thank you from Trump that was beyond his wildest expectations.

Shane Bouvet volunteered for Trump in his home town of Stonington, Ill, The Washington Post reported. Throughout much of the campaign, he spent his nights working as a night watchman and his days volunteering for Trump as he managed to live paycheck to paycheck.

Bouvet climbed the ranks of his local Trump office and eventually became the volunteer social media coordinator in Illinois. His time and effort garnered him an invitation to an inaugural ball which he attended in a donated suit.

Bouvet’s story was featured in a Washington Post article seen by President Trump. Trump was so moved by the story of this one supporter in a small town that he arranged to meet with Bouvet just prior to the inauguration.

Trump thanked the 24-year-old single father who now works as a FedEx courier for “his work as a volunteer on his campaign, hugged him and then promised him an extraordinary thank you: a $10,000 check.

Trump with Shane Bouvet

The Washington Post reported that Trump followed through on that promise and that Bouvet received the promised check on Monday.

Shane – You are a great guy – thanks for all of your help,” read a note from Trump.

I’m still just living in a dream,” Bouvet said. “I never thought in a million years this would happen.” Bouvet plans to use the money to help cover the costs of chemotherapy for his father with bladder cancer.

Bouvet said he is happy with the way Trump has run the country in these first days.

He’s getting this done,” Bouvet said. “He’s laying down the law. I’m really blessed with that – that’s what we need. Most politicians are all talk, no action.”


Source: The Washington Post

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