Desperate To Make Headlines…Hillary Ally Makes ABSURD Claim About Trump!

It’s been decades of suffering under the reign of liberal media and radical politicians for the American people.

Leftists are stunned and reeling with the election of President Donald Trump. The inauguration sent them into a frothing-at-the-mouth psychotic tirade that hasn’t subsided. These nuts can’t stand that they’ve lost any power play over the people.

So what do they do? They make up lies and promote them as truth. Leftist liars are crawling out of the woodwork to attack Trump and anyone who supports him, saying the whole lot is crazy.

Robert Reich, the Clinton-era secretary of labor, is claiming to have inside information indicating that Republicans in Congress are clandestinely planning to impeach President Donald Trump, The Daily Caller reported.

Reich’s psychotic rant claims Trump “is out of his mind.” He published his “exclusive” insight on Facebook Saturday.

The lowdown comes from a breakfast rendezvous with “a former Republican member of Congress,” Reich said.

The ex-congressman described Trump as “no Republican,” Reich said. “He’s just a big fat ego.”

Bottom of Form

Eventually, Reich quotes the ex-congressman as saying, Republicans in Congress will seize on “something really dumb” Trump does that “violates the law in a big stupid clumsy way.”

Congressional Republicans will then impeach Trump.

“They like Pence,” the unidentified former congressman told Reich, according to Reich. “Pence is their guy. They all think Trump is out of his mind.”

Here is Reich’s report of the full exchange:

I had breakfast recently with a friend who's a former Republican member of Congress. Here's what he said:Him: Trump is…

Posted by Robert Reich on Saturday, January 21, 2017

Reich’s Facebook page is titled “Inequality Media.” He has a similarly-named website: Inequalitymedia.org.

The ultra-progressive economist – inasmuch as a mere law school graduate can be called an economist – is a public policy professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

During the fall semester of 2014, Reich had been slated to teach just one course while raking in an impressive annual salary of $242,613 from taxpayer-funded Cal Berkeley. The yearly salary of $242,613 – $20,217 per month – placed Reich squarely in the top four percent of all Americans at the time.

Reich’s rant follows a disturbing trend among liberals in mainstream media – find anonymous or secret sources and promote everything they say as fact. No one has any way of fact-checking the BS spewing from these nuts and the media won’t provide equal access.

The liberal media and radical leftist politicians should understand that all their tirades only turns more people against them.

Source: The Daily Caller

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